Eleanor Hannan
Embroidery work, Drawings, Paintings

Tight Rope # 2

Tight Rope #2 : the portrayal of a walk on a tight rope through an inner landscape that resembles in composition and lighting a theatrical stage.

This figure within the landscape is both a state and a place of being.

That state of being is about proceeding through life with focus, balance, fearlessness despite the hardships; the drama resides in the sense that the figure is marginally maimed.

The elements of that place allude to the invisible support we can all experience on any chosen path. The landscape though diverse supports and connects with the figure travelling through space allowing for mysteries, gaps and obstacles referred to in the variety of techniques incorporated in the composition and surrounding the figure.

Medium: Machine embrodiery, appliqué, hand painting, silkscreen on hand dyed cotton.

Size: 21 X 30 inches

Date: 2009

Tight  Rope # 2
Canadian Dollars

This piece was shown as part of Beauty's Alphabet at SAWA Tea House and Gallery 1538 West 2nd Ave., Vancouver.

Tight Rope represent an on going body of work exploring an inner landscape of mythic rites of passage.

The piece was a part of the Celebrate the Season QR code signs in Burnaby Parks Christmas in Covid time, 2020. On Instagram.