Eleanor Hannan
Embroidery work, Drawings, Paintings
Through the Eyes of M - detail showing edges November Breakfast Gathering: close up
Available Work and CardsEmbroidery on CanvasFirst Embroidery
Found Objects From Dreams #12 From the Ashes A Tree Falls: close detail
Found Objects From DreamsFrom the AshesHand Embroideries Black and White
Heroine's Journey Never Return Painted Faces : Flowers 1
Heroine's JourneyLunchPainted Faces
Blue Series #2 front Queen Bleeding Dogs
Portraits of ForgivenessPortrait LaboratoriesRunning Saints and Bleeding Dogs
Red Dress Rain Wear 1-Run Air
Single Figure Paintings Standing FiguresShe Breaks Down
Small Excursions into Colour and Form # 1 Sleep State #3 Tight Rope # 1
Small Excursions into Colour and FormThree BodiesTight Rope
Venus and the TransAm Totem 4 Where Are We? Drawing From Model examples 2019
Venus and the Trans Am TotemVilla of the MysteriesWorkshop:Drawing From the Model on the Sewing Machine
Defy Death I Voyeur: rain women Rose hips
1001 Funny Things You can do with a SkirtDrawings for 1001 Funny Things You Can Do With a SkirtOther embroidery work