Eleanor Hannan
Embroidery work, Drawings, Paintings
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Rain Wear 2- Sing

Machine Embroidery, hand stitching, silkscreen, paint on cotton. linen, silk

Originally based on machine embroidery work from the live model, the piece was cut and restuructured to emphasize the gesture.

Size:20" X 13 "
Date: 2009
Sale price: $400.00

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Rain Wear 2- Sing

I enjoy working with the gesture that evolves during reconstruction of the figures.

Although the two Rain Wear figures came from the same model session and only a slight shift in position, the two different poses took their own direction after they were cut and the reassembly process began.

I am profoundly moved by and influenced by gesture.

This piece sold to the head of the Norwegian Olympic Team in 2010. It now lives in Oslo.

Cards of both figures are also available for sale at Craft House.

You can also obtain cards of these images by contacting me directly.