Eleanor Hannan
Embroidery work, Drawings, Paintings
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Running Saints and Bleeding Dogs

Machine embroidery on cotton/ linen

Date: 2006

Size: 12 X 21 inches, each panel

Running Saints and Bleeding Dogs

The Saint and Dog figures emerged from a machine embroidery technique I call "chipping away" at the surface of the stitched cloth until a form appears that to me is relevant or significant. The origin of the Saint is the human figure used in the project She Breaks Down.

The Dog is just the constant companion of my imagination; part personal part archetypal.

That Landscape is also a favourite of mine. Used often in a variety of forms, it feels like Home.

The red is blood, sacrifice, pain and freedom as well as pure visual contrast and complement.

The series is an ongoing favourite. The panels are made often in slightly differing ways. Currently I am working on numerous versions of the Dog.

Note: The words Running and Bleeding have a fascinating verbal and literal conjunction to me.